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Everybody knows that a computer works with "zero" and "one" inside. This is the base of all modern IT: processors, controllers, programming languages, etc. From the beginning of IT era, the simplest and easiest representation of data and operations was in binary values. It is also called binary code (see binary code on wikipedia) The "one" means that value exists, the "zero" - value not exists. That's why this representation is called "binary" - it is composed from these two values.

Daily we also use binary code and maybe, we even do not know it. When we are involved into a discussion, we use "yes" or "no" words, that in fact, composes the binary code. Also, this can be extrapolated to "i agree - i not agree", "i know - i don't know", etc.

But what if, we will try to add a new value to the binary code? What will happen with all these logical definitions? How all will change? Well, i will tell you a secret: the binary code is not the best. Maybe it is simplest, but definitely not the best. How that could be?

When we are talking with a person, we often answer: "yes", "no" and "i don't know". If we analyse it, we are using three values. These values represent a new code. Lets call it "ternary code or ternary system" (from three). The beauty of this code is that we can say in the same time one of three values, and not one of two values (like in binary). It is a very important moment and will be described later.

If we will go deeper and will understand how a modern computer works, we will find that all electronic circuits are based on the binary code. The computer does know nothing about the "third" value. For hardware producers, making of binary electronic circuits are more simple. It is like a fossil, in the 60's there was no technical methods to implement another system than the binary.

The goal of this research is to make us understand that all computers can work not only in binary system, but in other systems too, and it is not complicated. It is just an another method to work, an another math if you like. It is a try to transpose the real-life ternary conversations into language that computer understands. Believe me, there are so many benefits, that we can't even imagine.

In the next chapters we will go more detailed. It is a new theme and we will cover it from beginning step by step.